The Nachman Family

The Nachman Family
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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Home for Sale!!

We are going to be a busy Nocker family for the next few weeks! We have to get our place ready to be put on the market! Three of us in our cozy little 610sf place isn't cutting it anymore.

Capitol Hill, we love you and will miss you greatly!

Here are old pictures of the place just for fun!

Hammond's Candy Factory!

We just happened upon this candy factory in the middle of this industrial area where we were having our car assessed since I was rear ended a few weeks ago. Me, and three buses of school kids were VERY excited to be in a real candy factory! (I was actually a little disappointed and want everyone to know that this is NOT something you need to ad to your bucket list!) The hat was awesome... the bus was awesome, but the candy was SO over priced and if I owned a candy factory I would make the women wear white dresses and red lip stick and hats, and the men wear white pants, a white button up shirt and white hat, and they would have to be super charming! This was not the case! Everyone has high expectations when it comes to candy factories I think. THANK YOU WILLY WONKA FOR SETTING ME UP TO BE DISAPPOINTED!

Jazz in the Park

City Park has Jazz in the Park every Sunday at 6pm in the summer. Rob and I used to go every other Sunday before little Ri came along and last Sunday we went again for the first time in a couple of years. We had so much fun with the Taylor's, the Scoog's and Steph and Isabel! It started raining just as everything was ending so we booked it to the Taylor's car to wait it out!


So I was born in Denver and lived here until I was 5. Until I was like 12, I missed Denver terribly and always thought of it as being the greatest place on Earth. My favorite places were Showbiz Pizza in Arvada (now Chucky Cheese), Casa Bonita, Trail Dust Steak House (with the two story slide), and of course... Lakeside Amusement Park! I hadn't been there since I was like 9 or 10. Walking into the park I had a TON of memories and it was the weirdest and somewhat saddest feeling. Sad because the place is so run down now, but in my head it was the greatest place on Earth! The kiddie section brought back feeling more than memories... but I do remember going on the boat ride where you just go in one big circle. The roller coaster where I said my first cuss words while sitting next to my cousin MarlaRae. I remember my Mom buying me a popcicle and telling me not to stick my tongue to it while it is too cold or it might rip my skin off. I think maybe she had her own bad experience with a popcicle when she was young.

So after walking around the whole park in somewhat of a daze, I decided to go on a couple of rides! We had so much fun that we had to come back with friends the next day!

(The top pic is the view from the train that takes you around the entire lake!)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rilo had a fun day with Julie Taylor and Mom and Dad had long days at work, so it was definitely time to have Pizza in City Park followed by Little Man Ice Cream! We ran into a kick ball tournament in the park and it looked like the only rule was that you had to be holding a plastic cup of beer while you played. Needless to say, Rob decided that this was his kind of sport and will be joining up soon. :) (that may or may not be true, but I would love to be an official cheerleader if he does.) Little Man Ice Cream is located in The Highlands area and is a great place for a date or to take the family! They play old love songs and the cute teenage boys scooping ice cream wear old fashioned paper ice cream hats and white t-shirts. They also have a slide and hoola hoops to play with! btw The ice cream is delish! Rilo and I both had cupcake ice cream... MmmMmm!

The perfect end to a perfect night was when the Rockies pulled off another game like they have all week! They were down for most of the game and pull through in the end... this time with a Grand Slam! WooHoo!! Go Rockies!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Showin off the guns!

Rob never wanted a wedding ring, but he did want to get a tattoo to symbolize his undying love for me..;) so finally after almost 3 years of marriage we decided to make it a priority! He asked what my favorite flower was and now he will never forget it!! I can only strive to look as good I do on his arm. Rob has been working out at home and has even gained 12 pounds in the last month, so hopefully my hips don't grow wider as his arms do! We were at the shop from 1 - 7:30!! I had no idea it took that long... but it was well worth it! My baby loves me...

Good Bye Zoe

Zoe was 9 years old in February and that's about the time we gave her to a lady we found online who rescues miniature dachshunds. She was my little precious until Rilo was born, and at that point I just didn't feel like I could handle all of the responsibility. She deserved more, and she got it with her new home. She got proper training and we got updates and pictures of her playing with other dogs, and even cats! On Monday Zoe was out running around on the ranch she lived on and apparently the ranch hand wasn't aware that she was out and accidentally ran her over. They said that it was a quick death and she wasn't in any pain.