The Nachman Family

The Nachman Family
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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hammond's Candy Factory!

We just happened upon this candy factory in the middle of this industrial area where we were having our car assessed since I was rear ended a few weeks ago. Me, and three buses of school kids were VERY excited to be in a real candy factory! (I was actually a little disappointed and want everyone to know that this is NOT something you need to ad to your bucket list!) The hat was awesome... the bus was awesome, but the candy was SO over priced and if I owned a candy factory I would make the women wear white dresses and red lip stick and hats, and the men wear white pants, a white button up shirt and white hat, and they would have to be super charming! This was not the case! Everyone has high expectations when it comes to candy factories I think. THANK YOU WILLY WONKA FOR SETTING ME UP TO BE DISAPPOINTED!

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