The Nachman Family

The Nachman Family
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Sunday, July 18, 2010


So I was born in Denver and lived here until I was 5. Until I was like 12, I missed Denver terribly and always thought of it as being the greatest place on Earth. My favorite places were Showbiz Pizza in Arvada (now Chucky Cheese), Casa Bonita, Trail Dust Steak House (with the two story slide), and of course... Lakeside Amusement Park! I hadn't been there since I was like 9 or 10. Walking into the park I had a TON of memories and it was the weirdest and somewhat saddest feeling. Sad because the place is so run down now, but in my head it was the greatest place on Earth! The kiddie section brought back feeling more than memories... but I do remember going on the boat ride where you just go in one big circle. The roller coaster where I said my first cuss words while sitting next to my cousin MarlaRae. I remember my Mom buying me a popcicle and telling me not to stick my tongue to it while it is too cold or it might rip my skin off. I think maybe she had her own bad experience with a popcicle when she was young.

So after walking around the whole park in somewhat of a daze, I decided to go on a couple of rides! We had so much fun that we had to come back with friends the next day!

(The top pic is the view from the train that takes you around the entire lake!)

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