The Nachman Family

The Nachman Family
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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rilo had a fun day with Julie Taylor and Mom and Dad had long days at work, so it was definitely time to have Pizza in City Park followed by Little Man Ice Cream! We ran into a kick ball tournament in the park and it looked like the only rule was that you had to be holding a plastic cup of beer while you played. Needless to say, Rob decided that this was his kind of sport and will be joining up soon. :) (that may or may not be true, but I would love to be an official cheerleader if he does.) Little Man Ice Cream is located in The Highlands area and is a great place for a date or to take the family! They play old love songs and the cute teenage boys scooping ice cream wear old fashioned paper ice cream hats and white t-shirts. They also have a slide and hoola hoops to play with! btw The ice cream is delish! Rilo and I both had cupcake ice cream... MmmMmm!

The perfect end to a perfect night was when the Rockies pulled off another game like they have all week! They were down for most of the game and pull through in the end... this time with a Grand Slam! WooHoo!! Go Rockies!!!

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